So, you’ve navigated your way to Niagara Falls and you have the knowledge of what it takes to drive through New York City. You know just about everything New York related. But, did you know that chewing gum was invented in 1848 by John B. Curtis, local resident and inventor of New York?

To help you learn a little bit more about The Empire State, we put together a list of New York facts you didn’t know you needed to know.

The Largest Waterfall

Home of tranquil New England lakes, mountains, and forest, New York has an abundance of waterfalls. Niagara Falls receives millions of tourists a year, but contrary to popular belief. It’s not the largest in the state. The lesser known Taughannock waterfall is the largest in the state with a 215-foot plunge.

A World-Renowned River

There’s plenty of rivers in the world. But what makes the Genesee River special is its ability to flow from the south to the north. It’s typical for rivers to flow to the south, but Genesee is something unique. So, unique it’s one of few rivers to do this in the entire world.

The First National Park

New York is a state of firsts. But, one first you might not know is Niagara Park was the first national park established in the United States. In 1885, the waterfall and its surrounding acres were signed into law establishing it as the first state park in the entire country.

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The First Pizzeria

New York can claim the owner of the first national park and the first pizzeria. The very first pizzeria in the United States opened its doors to the public in New York City. The cost of one slice equaled the price of one subway ride.

New York City, The Capital City

Washington D.C. wasn’t always the capital of the United States. In fact, the very first president of the U.S., George Washington, was sworn in on a balcony in New York City. Few people know that, in 1789, New York City was the capital of the United State of America.

Toilet Paper Was Invented Here

You have New York to thank for your bathroom comfort. More specifically a man named Joseph Gayetty. Because, in 1857, Gayetty was the first person to invent the commercialized toilet paper you use today.

The Longest Toll Road in the Country

Congratulations, New Yorkers. With your detailed, efficient transportation and infrastructure you were able to snag the title of having the longest toll road in the country. The ever-popular thruway has a total of 46 toll stations.

The First to Require License Plates

Long ago, there was a time where you didn’t have to register your vehicle every year. Cars didn’t have license plates, and the coppers had no chance of tracking down your bank robbing posse. But, New York took a stand and required every vehicle, starting in 1901, to have license plates.

New York’s Economy

New Yorkers are known for their state’s pride. It’s the melting pot of America, and it’s home to millions of people. It almost acts like its own country. If New York were to ever succeed from the Union, then it would have the 15th greatest economy in the entire world.

With facts like these, no wonder New York is the greatest country – er – state in the U.S! Speaking of facts, the best one out of this list was knowing that traffic school, even online traffic school like, can lower your insurance rates when they go up due to traffic citations. Now that’s an eye-opening idea right there!