When driving analysts say New York driving is the ‘worst’ in the nation, they are not referring to the way people drive. They are talking about the act of driving itself and saying that driving in New York is just a horrible thing to do.

If you drive in New York you are likely nodding your head in agreement.

To start with, people in New York pay some of the highest prices per gallon of gasoline. While other states are paying $3.65 or less for a gallon of gas, New Yorkers are paying on average 50 cents a gallon more (or more). Then there’s the parking issue. Trying to find a place to park in New York, especially New York City is nearly impossible during certain times of days or during special events. Drivers who do find a place to park need to shell out big bucks for the privilege of parking their car there and they better not let the meter expire or they risk being fined by parking enforcement or worse, having their vehicle towed.

And finally, the worst part of driving in New York is getting no where fast. That’s right. New York commuters spent more time sitting in traffic than anyone else in the country. In fact, they spend almost 60 hours a year sitting in traffic–more than two days of idle time behind the wheel just to get somewhere!

So the next time you feel frustrated behind the wheel remind yourself that everyone else in New York feels just the way you do. We’re all in the same boat together and nobody is getting any where fast.