New York is a beautiful travel and tour destination that takes away your breath, even after the visiting for the umpteenth time. One trip is barely enough for you to relish and behold all the beauty and wonder that this magical US city has to offer. With the right planning and some luck, however, you will get a rare chance to witness great landmarks, hotels, museums and art galleries that define this great American metropolis on your couple of days stay at the Big Apple.

Owing to New York’s vast size and population, the city’s roads have taken a huge toll for the worst in recent years. When taking out a New York rental car, always go for a full online defensive driving course to protect you and your loved ones on the savage NY roads. You also need to hear some rare and amazing traffic facts about the state, maybe they’ll give you a heads-up of what to expect driving in NY. Here are other useful NY travel tips for you.

Travel Tips

• Don’t fear getting lost in this urban concrete and glass jungle; explore NY
• If you can’t lease, use an Uber cab for traveling in New York. Alternatively, use the transits
• Avoid making hotels and restaurants reservations at the hours of 8 and 10 pm
• Get a proficient travel guide and planner

Traffic Rules

By default, taxis, subways, trains, and planes are the most secure and cost-friendly transport modes if you’re ever in the Big Apple. Driving in New York has been a complicated affair, not just for those unfamiliar with the city’s massive road network but for the experienced locals as well. Since it’s completely inevitable for you to escape using the hectic New York roads and highways, it pays to always remain informed on the state’s parking, ticketing and other traffic rules and regulations to stay safe and out of prison.

In a bid to curb the wanton road accidents and incidents witnessed daily in the city’s behemoth road network, auto owners are being encouraged to enroll in online defensive driving courses to drastically improve their safety on the freeways, highways and feeder roads linking New York to the surrounding conurbations.

After taking the online defensive driving course, one stands a better chance of getting up to 10% reductions on your auto insurance quotes and estimates from the leading insurers in NY. Nowadays, New Yorker’s are enrolling for these defensive driving courses in droves to save their licenses from being revoked.

Fun Facts and Figures about New York Traffic

• According to, the lowest average speeds of NY taxis are recorded on Wednesdays while the taxis cruise at their highest average speeds (11.5MPH) on Sundays.
• Over 48% of all New York Homes own cars. That sums up to there being over 10 million registered autos in NY.
• In the first quarter of ’17 alone, NY traffic state troopers issued 14,542 tickets
• In 2013, 35% of all road accident and crashes in NY resulted from drunk driving
• In 2017, an estimated 62 million visitors frequented NY

Leasing NY Cars

Finding a superb car rental deal in NY is one straightforward process. Choose your dream rental car from a wide choice of companies all offering lucrative deals and offers. Provided you heed the tips and pointers acquired at the online defensive driving course, you’ll be perfectly secure driving the rental up and down the vast city.

It is highly advisable to compare the rates of different rental car companies before making that final car selection decision. Getting the desired rental car is the easy part, the skill lies in knowing how to safely maneuver the roads and highways. To learn more about the 4-5 hour online defensive driving course, just check out our website.