If you’ve tried updating your driver’s license in the past year, you may have noticed a few signs that were promoting a new Real ID Driver’s License. This latest issued documentation has been the hottest gossip among DMVs everywhere. Aside from having a flashy title, the Real ID promises to bring some change in how people present their identification.

The only problem is the Real ID Driver’s License is a bit of a mystery to most people.

This latest identification card has people questioning what it is and how it’s important. That’s why we’re putting together everything you need to know about the new Real ID. If there’s one thing your favorite online traffic school knows, it’s everything about licenses.

The Real ID is Real Important

Getting a Real ID is not required by any means. However, the DMV strongly recommends applying for this brand-new identification card. Without a Real ID, you may be restricted from taking domestic flights in the United States.

Starting October 1, 2020, the government will require your driver’s license, permit, or ID card to be Real ID compliant. Below are a few other perks of having a Real ID card. Note, some of these are also built into owning a standard ID.

● Being licensed to drive
● Voting or being registered to vote
● Entering federal facilities
● Receiving federal benefits
● Gaining health services
● Participating in law enforcement proceedings or investigations
● Flying domestically in the United States

The Real ID is a new standardization of minimum security surrounding your identification. Essentially, the federal government is changing the information and details associated with identification. The amount of information is different on the card than your standard ID.

In 2005, the congress passed the Real ID Act, which (you can tell by the name) was the inception of encouraging a new identification card to citizens of the United States. The Real ID Act was passed to combat terrorism and identity theft. Issuing this new government ID will secure people’s identity on a whole new level.

How to get your Real ID Driver’s License

Getting your Real ID is as easy as spending the day at the DMV. In other words, no matter how prepared you will be, you’ll still have to experience going to the DMV. The Real ID cannot be issued over the phone or through mail.

To get your Real ID, you will be required to have the correct documentation. This includes:
● Proof of identity, such as a license, birth certificate, or passport. (Must include first, middle, and last name)
● Proof of social security card
● Proof of your date of birth
● Proof of U.S. citizenship
● Proof of New York residence (or any state that you currently live in,) such as a utility bill, bank statement, or mortgage payment
● If your name does not match the name on the identification due to a governmental approved name change, you must bring in documentation recording that process.

Once you have all these documentations gathered together, you must pay the DMV a visit. Present these documents and request a Real New York ID, to begin the process of updating that bland standard ID into something a little more exciting.

The Real ID will come with a golden star on the top right of your New York issued ID. The gold star is a clear sign that the ID is Real, but it’s also the federal government’s way of saying “good job!”