Most of us have heard about, or experienced first hand, traffic light cameras and speed limit enforcement cameras, but now that same technology is being applied at intersections with only a stop sign.

Many states currently limit what sort of automatic traffic enforcement devices which can be used. Most of these states set limits on the use of speed and traffic light cameras. Public safety advocates say the devices save lives and produce much needed revenue for the communities in which they are used. the system is wholly autonomous. A driver runs a red light or exceed the speed limit, the camera captures an image of their license plate and a citation is automatically issued to the registered owner of the vehicle.

But privacy rights advocates say the autonomous devices are a serious encroachment on personal liberties. They say the devices are a clear violation of civil liberties and an encroachment on the right to privacy for the people they are supposed to be serving.

It seems the public safety folks are gaining ground and the privacy rights group are losing it as more and more communities are turning accepting these devices.

One community in Maryland is already petitioning the state legislature (which current limits the use of these electronic devices) to allow it to take the use of these devices one step further and install this same technology at intersections with just a stop sign. Last year the state’s existing network of remote cameras generated more than $55 million in revenue, making it an attractive device for smaller communities.

Until the issue is fully resolved it is difficult to know which way the penny will drop. But you can be sure that if Maryland allows it, more and more states will jump on the band wagon.

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