It is no secret that Nevadans like to gamble, perhaps more so than any other people in the world, but it seems likely that they don’t want to gamble with their lives every time they get behind the wheel.

However, a recent study shows that Nevada is among the 10 most dangerous states for drivers.

There are a number of reasons why Nevada ranks so high on the list of dangerous places to drive. Those who made the study site the abundance of rural roads, often in the desert where it is very dark, and the huge number of out-of-state visitors who come there to gamble or enjoy the sights. The combination of dark, possible dangerous roads and people who don’t know their way around, are a deadly mix.

There are also the very liberal drinking laws in Nevada and the fact that “partying” is the number one reason visit the state. Even the commercials seem to advertise the fact that people can act with reckless abandon when they visit Nevada, perhaps encouraging people to act in a manner which is anything but safe.

Lets just say that defensive driving is certainly not the topic of conversation when people start talking about a visit to Nevada. It is more likely going to be where to go to have the best time; where to party, where to gamble, where to drink, where to eat or where to see the best shows.

With all this emphasis on having a good time it is no wonder that Nevada does not rank high as a safe state to drive in. In fact, it is more surprising to hear that the state does not rank as the most dangerous state to drive in. Given the sheer volume of distractions a dangerous state seems more likely than a safe state.