Is this your first time owning a car? If so, then you are probably excited. With a personal vehicle comes the freedom of movement everyone desires. No more waiting on buses and subways. You can now come and go whenever you want, uninhibited by transit schedules.

But, you must always remember that car ownership entails great responsibility. Motorists hold their own safety and that of others in their hands. This is why you must have auto insurance in case you are involved in an accident. NYC wants you to be able to pay for any damage caused.

So, now you are probably wondering how much will this car insurance cost, right? Good question.

Read on to find out some of the factors that can raise and lower policy rates for a first-time NYC driver.

How does age impact my auto insurance rates?

As is true of most first-time drivers, you are probably young of age. If so, be prepared to pay more than the national average for your auto insurance.

In general, insurance companies charge more for young first-time drivers for two reasons. First, the driver is at an impressionable age. They are more likely than older adults to drive fast when hanging out with friends. Also, drinking and driving is a known problem among teens and young adult motorists.

Second, you are a first-time driver. Even if you are advanced in age, insurers will probably charge you a bit more. Your inexperience works against you here.

Does my neighborhood impact my auto insurance rates?

Certain neighborhoods and boroughs in NYC are ridden with crime. Many of the criminals are car thieves. As a result, if you reside in one of these areas, expect to pay more than normal to be insured.

The risk is just higher than if you lived in a safer community.

Does a defensive driving course lower my auto insurance rates?

You can lower your rate by taking driver education classes.

Young people often mitigate some of the extra charges heaped upon them because of age by taking driving classes in high school.

Every driver can benefit by enrolling in a New York defensive driving course. The schools offer classes both online and in-person. Best of all, after course competition, you receive a 10 percent auto insurance discount for the next three years.

What impact does my vehicle type have on my car insurance rate?

Insurance companies also look at the type of vehicle when assessing rates. Some models get stolen more than others. Owners will have to pay more because of this risk.

In other cases, you may own a sports car known for having horsepower more than what the average motorist can handle. And, your insurer may well raise your policy rate because of this fact.

How much does my credit score influence my auto insurance rate?

Since you are a first-time driver with no driving history, the insurance company will take other factors into consideration. One is your credit rating.
If you have good credit, the company may lower your insurance rate a bit. A positive credit score proves you are a responsible person in general.

Does my education background impact my car insurance rate?

Likewise, college students can get lower than normal rates for first time drivers. Their desire to seek a higher education is positive. They are high achievers. They are presumed to perhaps better understand the effects of risky driving on society.

Time to get insured and save money with our tips!

Now that you know how the insurance companies decide how much to charge first time drivers, you are ready to get insured.

Try to work on things you can change. For example, attend a New York defensive driving school, pay off outstanding credit cards and enroll in college classes. These types of decisions will make you appear more responsible and can result in a lower insurance rate.