Louisiana legislators are attempting to make the roads a safer place for everyone by requiring more classroom time and more behind-the-wheel experience for all new drivers who are trying to earn their driving privileges in the state.

The new law was passed this spring and will take effect on August 1. The new law requires 17-year-olds to attend a 38-hour driver education course instead of the previous requirement of just a six-hour pre-licensing course. It will also impact new applicants 18 and older by requiring eight hours of behind-the-wheel driving instruction in addition to the six hours of classroom instruction.

All this added instructions means that new drivers will be better prepared for whatever driving situation they find themselves in, or at least that is the hope of the new legislation. Although, graduated licensing programs now in effect n states like New York and New Jersey show a marked improvement and decrease in vehicle collisions for drivers who get more instruction rather than less.

And it makes sense. The more you practice something the better you get at it. that is human nature. By increasing the learning time for new drivers the state of Louisiana is hedging its bet when it comes to new drivers. It has evidence which supports the theory that more instruction makes better drivers and it has the support of legislators who are trying to save lives. We are not sure what new drivers think of the increase in classroom and behind-the-wheel learning time required of them, but since they are probably anxious to start driving they likely are not too happy.

Then again, anyone who is sharing the road (or a family car) with a new driver probably thinks giving them more instruction time before letting them loose on the roads is a great idea!.