Los Angeles, California is infamous for the city’s constantly congested traffic. You could spend upwards to 45 minutes just to travel a few miles down the road. The buildup is enough to drive a person to do absurd and bizarre things just to escape the dullness of sitting in landlocked traffic for hours.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite CA traffic stories. It’s our way of preserving the heroes who make LA traffic a little less boring. Some of these people might have to enroll in a Driver’s Ed California class, but they certainly won’t have to enroll in driver’s ed fun class. Below are our favorite CA traffic stories.

The 110 Freeway Nearly Naked Protestor

In downtown Los Angeles, a man who was wearing nothing but boxer briefs and a pair of shoes climbed on top of a highway sign off the 110 freeway. Backing up traffic and gaining the attention of several broadcast news stations, the man had two messages to deliver to the people. He declared, “Give a hoot, don’t pollute,” as well as, “Fight pollution not each other.”

This single protestor was able to back up traffic during peak rush hour times by speaking out against pollution. While wearing enough clothes to be deemed “nearly naked,” he spat off helpful maxims as traffic raged to a screaming halt. Police and medical crew threw down inflated cushions in case he fell when they climbed the sign to drag him down. Eventually the day ended with the protestor performing a backflip onto the cushions and being swept off in an ambulance.

Stuck in Traffic or Stuck in Sand

After a deadly head-on collision caused traffic congestion on the 10 freeway in Southern California, a few drivers decided to find a fixable solution to being on a Los Angeles highway. Finding an alternative route to your destination is always a great way to bypass the headaches of traffic. Doing so also helps loosen the burden on other drivers. However, the alternative route just so happened to be a series of sand dunes that led to a side road entrance.

One driver decided to make a harrowing escape from the highway congestions only to find themselves leading a caravan across a large lot of sand. However, this spontaneous idea quickly turned into a nightmarish delusion when the cars became stuck in sand. Instead of being stuck in traffic, they received the only thing worse, being stuck in sand.

Traffic Induced Road Rage

Being stuck in California highway traffic can be boring for some people. For others it could be a time for relaxation and listening to a great podcast. However, some people don’t take too kindly to be stuck in traffic for extended periods of time. Moreover, this pressure builds up if it’s a daily routine.

That’s the case with one local Los Angeles man who lost his mind while waiting for traffic to move. Just like all good people who have had enough, one man snapped and began driving into the cars in front of him. He would reverse and ram. He didn’t have any specific message, except for being extremely upset with being trapped on his commute. Because traffic was so horrendous that day, the police couldn’t even get to him. The man was able to drive off the highway – never to be seen again.

The only evidence of his existence is the videos taken from people in the wrecks.