The Jersey Shore has long been known as an inspiration for singers from Bruce Springsteen to Bon Jovi, and as the setting for that appalling MTV show, “Jersey Shore.” Unfortunately, following the ravages of Hurricane Sandy the Jersey Shore has now become the poster child for complete and utter devastation: the shore itself is a shadow of its former self; Atlantic City has completely inundated with water, and the boardwalk at Seaside Heights (John Bon Jovi’s old stomping ground) was all but washed away.

New Jersey is still struggling to asses damage but already some are wondering whether the state will ever be able to replace the iconic landmark know as the “Jersey Shore.”

While these conversations are happening, people are trying to get back to their every day lives; going to work, going to school; going to the grocery store, the pharmacist, the doctors office. Because the public transportation system still struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many people are just hopping into their car to get where they need to go. This has created a huge demand for gasoline from stations which might be unable to pump fuel because of power outages or simply have run out fuel.

Last weekend New York Harbor re-opened allowing the delivery of more than 8 million gallons of gasoline and another 25 million gallons of fuel is expected this week. In the meantime, a nationwide decrease in the price of gasoline is also expected to hit the northeast bringing welcome relief to anyone who needs to fill-up. This week alone the price of gasoline plunged more than 7 cents a gallon nationwide and the price is expected to drop even further in the coming weeks.

This is good news for people who have seen little good news for the past week.