If you are on the prowl for a used vehicle, you are likely wondering where to start. Sleuthing the web for a pre-owned automobile provides an absolute avalanche of information. Don’t be overwhelmed by this information overload! You will find the used vehicle of your dreams if you invest some time, effort and brain power. It is important to search for the perfect used vehicle in a highly precise and nuanced manner. The used car market is extremely competitive. If you can’t pinpoint the ideal vehicle in a reasonable amount of time, you run the risk of ending up settling for an inferior make and model that does not meet your desires.

Let’s look at how you should approach the quest to find the perfect used car and shed some light on the top searched terms for used automobiles.

How to Approach the Search Process

If you aren’t a search engine optimization (SEO) expert or a skilled web sleuth, you are likely wondering how to start your search for a used automobile. Do not surf the web over to Google or another search engine and type in highly descriptive words pertaining to exactly what you are looking for in a used automobile. Search engines are designed to provide accurate results based on specific keywords that strongly relate to the subject matter at-hand.

Commonly Searched Terms in the Context of Seeking out a Used Vehicle

Used car

is one of the most effective and commonly searched terms typed into search engines by those who are on the prowl for a secondhand vehicle. Google reports people are 45 times more inclined to search for “used cars” than they are for:

pre-owned cars

According to Google Keyword Planner, the phrase “used cars” is searched on Google a whopping 450,000 times each month. Be sure to type in local identifiers when searching with this term. Examples of local identifiers include your city name, your city or town zip code and the names of local neighborhoods.

Another commonly searched term is “pre-owned cars.” Plenty of used car dealerships use this term in their online content as it sounds more positive than “used car.” According to Google’s Keyword Planner, the phrase “pre-owned cars” is searched for nearly 10,000 times per month. The best car dealerships will use “pre-owned cars” as well as “used car(s)” throughout their online content to increase the odds of connecting with used vehicle-seekers.

Settle for a vehicle that doesn’t jive with your nuanced needs and you might increase the risk of getting a ticket.

As an example, if you are looking for a practical sedan with four seats, a large trunk, leather interior and less than 30,000 miles but can’t find a suitable make and model in your area, you might end up buying a somewhat sporty sedan with an 8-cylinder engine. Such a powerful engine dramatically increases the odds of speeding, especially if you are used to driving a vehicle with a smaller engine. If you are stopped and issued a speeding ticket, be sure to attend a defensive driving course to mitigate the damage to your driving record and automobile insurance rate.