Drivers in Louisville, Kentucky, have been contending with high gas prices for months, now they can add traffic snarls due to construction of the Kennedy Bridge, the main north and south between Kentucky and Indiana, to their frustrations. Constructions began about a month ago and is expected to last until late August.

The Kennedy Bridge has been an eyesore and a traffic hazard for years and the situation has only grown worse and funds to repair the bridge became less available. Not so long ago the state set aside money to finally enact repairs to the bridge, including a new road deck to smooth out the surface and do away with the many potholes on the roads leading onto and off the bridge. Unfortunately, as with every construction job comes the frustration for drivers of trying to navigate roads which are partially or even fully closed; find alternate routes or somehow manage to keep their cool while dealing with the hassle.

Kentucky police have been increasing patrols in the area to ensure that drivers are observing posted speed limits in the active construction zone and making certain nobody suffers a bad case of road rage. But even with this increased police presence some drivers are forgetting they need to adjust their route and their attitude accordingly and be prepared for long delays if they continue to use the bridge while construction is in progress.

Here are today’s watch routes:

For Monday’s commute, on the Kentucky side the ramp from I-64 East to I-65 North is closed; from the Indiana side as you’re coming across the bridge on I-65 South you won’t be able to get on to I-64 East, I-71 North or I-64 West.

Nor can drivers take the ramp from southbound I-65 to Market Street or the entrance ramp from Court Avenue in Indiana to I-65 South.

That covers Monday’s morning and afternoon commutes, but tonight things get a little more complicated: on the Kentucky side, the ramps connecting I-65 North to 64 East and West and I-71 will close. These are in addition to the ramp closures from I-64 East to I-65 North and from I-65 South to 64 and 71.