Kansas state law makers are targeting drivers who not only get behind the wheel drunk once, but those who risk doing it more than once. These repeat drunk driving offenders greatly increase the risk of getting into a deadly collision by participating in the same risky behavior even after being severely punished the first time around.

Drunk driving is bad enough once, doing it twice borders on complete madness and should be avoided at all costs. For those who believe it is worth the risk, Kansas state law makers have some changes which they should be aware of.

For instance, drunken drivers who refuse to take blood and breath tests will face mandatory jail time under a state law that takes effect July 1. Currently in Kansas, refusing the tests can cause drivers to have their licenses suspended. That means, under the new law, that if you get pulled over and the cop suspects you have been drinking you can either agree to take a breathalyzer test and prove you haven’t been drinking, or go directly to jail. (Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.)

Repeat drunk driving offenses are a common problem not just in Kansas but around the country. People who engage in drunk driving clearly have a problem when it comes to being good defensive drivers, so the idea that they might suddenly realize the error of their ways and not push their luck when it comes to getting home safe seems like a fool’s game. These people are very likely to drive drunk not once or twice, but over and over again thereby greatly increasing their risk of causing a serious collision and injuring or even killing someone else.

The best bet for you, or anyone you know in Kansas who gets pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving is to submit to the breath test and prove to the officer you are not drunk. To do otherwise is to spend the night in the local jail. At least.