In what might be the strangest pairing yet (given the ongoing debate about the dangers of distracted driving) the state of Iowa has released a new iPad app to help drivers practice their safe driving skills. That’s right, the Iowa Department of Transportation has a new iPad app designed to help drivers prepare for their driving exam.

The app is fairly simple in design. It is not like a racing game app which lets you careen around corners or even simulate the experience of being behind the wheel. Instead the Iowa driving test app helps you prepare for the driving test by offering you a random selection of 15 questions similar to what you might find on the Iowa Department of Transportation written test. These 15 questions are selected from a batch of 69 questions which actually appear on the written test.

The app is free to download to an iPad through the iTunes Store so there is no cost to users. Just search for “IA Driver Test for iPad” but be certain you are getting the official Iowa DOT iPad app and not an imitation. DOT officials said other similar apps are available, but they may be unreliable. This app will appear with an Iowa DOT icon so you know you have the correct one.

The app is currently compatible only with the iPad (requires iOS 4.3 or later). However, the Iowa DOT is working toward making it accessible through other mobile platforms, including Android tablets, so more people can use it.

The Iowa DOT hopes to encourage younger people to do so extra studying for their driving test by introducing the new app. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Iowa state driver’s manual. After someone reads through the manual the first time, Iowa DOT says, they should use the app to take a sample quiz and see how well they have absorbed the information. It is not a substitute for the actual exam but a great way to see whether or not you are grasping the information.

Another great tool for young drivers is our online defensive driving course. You can learn more about it by visiting our website.