In Arizona, if an automobile insurance company wants to see your driving record they will have access to records for the past 39 months. That means every parking ticket, vehicle collision or speeding citation you received will be available to them.

Depending on your driving record this could negatively impact your insurance rates, causing insurance companies to charge you more each month for standards insurance. Rates for some drivers have ballooned in recent years, meaning any little blot on their record is going to cost them a whole lot more. It is also possible that an insurance provider will (or can) deny you coverage altogether because they consider you to be too high of a risk.

Remember, insurance companies are in business to make money. If they don’t think they can make a profit from you because you are an unsafe driver then it is not in their best interest to take your business. it’s as simple as that.

From Arizona Department of Transportation:

13) What traffic convictions will show if an insurance company runs my MVR?

Any convictions received and showing on your driving record within the past 39 months will be provided to an insurance company.