Police in upstate New York have found themselves defending their tactics against drivers of so-called illegal motorcycles.

Specifically, one rider was killed and another seriously injured during a police chase when the police cruiser collided with the bike.

These illegal motorcycles are actually unlicensed dirt bikes ridden on private and public property; wherever drivers can find room to go full throttle and get their kicks. Unfortunately, it is not safe and these unlicensed bikes have already caused a number of injuries to pedestrians and at least one death, not counting the rider who was killed during the police chase.

Motorcycles are a lot of fun and riding dirt bikes in particular can be a great weekend experience. But there simply is no excuse for riding an illegal bike and/or doing so in a manner which endangers your life or the life of someone else.

Police in New York have been trying for months to get the new fad of riding illegal dirt bikes under control, but so far the packs of riders continues to grow. Last weekend, when the first innocent pedestrian was killed by an out-of-control dirt bike, more than 30 of these illegal bikers had gathered in Hunts Point to ride and delight in flaunting not only the law, but their responsibility to be safe.