A recent two-week investigation of New York drivers required to install and use ignition interlock devices on their automobiles resulted in the arrest of 25 people. These were all convicted drunk drivers who had been court ordered to install the devices as a condition of their release.

Ignition interlock devices are like self-administered breathalyzers attached to a vehicle ignition. The driver must perform the self-test and test negative for alcohol before the vehicle ignition will start. The devices must be installed on the convicted drunk drivers car, and that car is the only vehicle the convicted drunk driver is permitted to operate.

Also, the convicted drunk driver ordered to install the interlock ignition device is also required to pay all costs and fees associated with installation and maintenance of the device.

The inconvenience of using the device and the costs associated with its use often lead people required to install these devices to also attempt to find ways to thwart them. These people will drive work vehicles instead of their own car (not allowed) their spouses car (not allowed) a vehicle borrowed from a neighbor or a family friend (not allowed.)

“This crackdown sends a clear message to offenders that circumventing ignition interlock requirements will only land you back in front of a judge,” said Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice. “I strongly believe that the protections provided by Leandra’s Law and ignition interlock devices are essential to keeping every innocent motorist and pedestrian safe on our roadways. I want to thank MADD and its members for their tireless advocacy on behalf of the victims of drunk driving.”