If you plan on visiting the University of Arizona or attending the school and will not have a car (or want to avoid getting a ticket that only AZ traffic school would be able to dismiss), you may find yourself trying to figure out the best ways to get around. The campus spans over 380 acres making it too large to walk. Here are the best options for getting around the campus of the University of Arizona.

Sun Link Tucson Modern Streetcar

One of the best ways to get around the campus is to take the Sun Link Tucson Modern Streetcar. This is public transportation, so anyone, including visitors and students, can make use of this option. The streetcar has various stops around the campus and continues into downtown Tucson. Discount monthly passes for this form of transportation are available for students or visitors can buy full-day or single ride tickets at vending machines available at the waiting stations.

The CatTran Shuttle


Another way to get around the University of Arizona campus is with the CatTran shuttle. The CatTran shuttle is free to all students enrolled in the university with a valid university identification card. And if you are visiting the campus to take a tour or for other educational reasons, you will likely be given a pass that allows you access to this shuttle. There are various stops, making it convenient. And the shuttle runs from 6 am until 1 am Monday through Friday. The shuttle does not run on days when school is not in session or on weekends and has shorter hours during summer break.

UA ZimRide

Every student enrolled in the university and every staff member is given a NetIDlogin. When you log in to this system, one of the options you will be given is to participate in the UA ZimRide. This is a program through the university that helps people carpool. If you don’t have a car and need a ride to class, the program can connect you to another driver near you that goes to the same part of campus during the times you do. This is a great way for those with a car to earn a bit of extra gas mileage, while giving students without a car the ability to quickly get to and from their classes.

SafeRide is a program that is run by the Associated Students of the University of Arizona. This service is designed to keep students enrolled in the school safe at night and preventing them from walking or biking alone after dark. In order to use this service, you must have a valid student ID card. The service is free to use, though the hours are limited and vary based on the time the sunsets. This riding option also has an app that allows you to check hours easily and determine when the next shuttle will be coming to the stop you may find yourself waiting at.


The last way that both students and visitors can easily get around the campus is by bike. The University of Arizona was awarded a gold ranking by the League of American Bicyclists for being a bicycle-friendly university. The campus allows you to park your bicycle in many different places or rent a spot in a secured bicycle storage area for only $35 per year. The university also rents out bikes, allowing visitors the opportunity to bike around the campus.
The University of Arizona is a large university. And if you are going from one side of campus to another, it may be too far too walk. Luckily, there are several different ways to get around the campuses for students, faculty and visitors.