If you have had the misfortune of receiving a handicapped parking ticket, you know how that can negatively affect your license points and even lead to an increase in your auto insurance rates. If you are looking for tips about how to fight traffic tickets to reduce license points, there are several ways, including taking a state-approved traffic school course.

Getting a Handicapped Parking Ticket is a Serious Offense in Most States

Most states view handicapped parking violations among the most serious types of traffic tickets and give harsh penalties. Fines for getting a handicapped parking ticket typically range from $250 to $450, in addition to the license points you may receive with your traffic ticket.

When and How to Fight a Handicapped Parking Ticket

If you have received a handicapped parking ticket and you have a valid parking permit, simply request that the traffic ticket be dismissed by completing the Affidavit of Compliance that came with the ticket and send it to the county parking enforcement offices. If you have no permit, you will need to use the following defenses in order to fight a handicapped parking ticket and possibly avoid the penalty:

  • Indicate the lack of proper signage
  • Prove the handicapped space is redundant
  • Show that you were not parked in a prohibited spot

Consider a State Approved Traffic School Course for a Reduction of License Points

If you have received a handicapped parking ticket, consider an accredited state-approved traffic school course for a possible reduction of license points and auto insurance rates. Most states offer a reduction in license points and possible fines once a driver has completed a defensive driving class. Register online here today to get started!