If you received a New York parking ticket that you don’t think you deserve, there is something you can do about it. Take action right away. You may be worried about how the ticket will affect your driving record. Taking a defensive driving course can help keep your driving record in good standing. At IMPROV® traffic school we are here to help. Here are some tips that can help you dispute your ticket.

Dispute the Parking Ticket Immediately

The sooner you fight your ticket, the quicker you will get results. If you dispute the ticket within 30 days of the date you received it, you can get a requested hearing. You are less likely to be granted a hearing if you wait more than 30 days. Also, you may have to pay penalties for acting outside of the 30-day period. If you don’t request a hearing, your ticket goes into default judgment in around 100 days. Remember, the judge will be less likely to grant a hearing if you don’t have compelling reasons for putting it off. Once your ticket is in judgment for more than a year, you can’t get a hearing.

New York Court Hearing Options


On a first-in-queue basis, you can get a walk-in hearing at the Department of Finance Business Center. Hearings are conducted Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Make sure you have these items with you:

• Any evidence you may have that supports a “Not Guilty” plea
• Registration of the vehicle in question
• Valid driver’s license

Through Mail

You have 30 days from the ticket date to request a hearing by mail with The Department of Finance. If you lose the case, you will have to pay the original fine. You will also have to pay penalties if the office didn’t get your ticket within the 30-day period. Mail your ticket in the pre-addressed envelope with which it came. Also, add any evidence you have to support your story, and your written explanation. Once it is received, it should take the Department of Finance about ten days to send the decision back to the address of the vehicle owner.

Online Request

If your violation is filed with the Department of Finance and is in their online system, you can request a hearing online before 100 days pass. If you can’t request an appeal online, you can use one of the other options mentioned. The Department of Finance will put your case on hold once the appeal is received to relieve you of any extra fees. You should get your hearing result back about ten days after the department receives the appeal. You can check on your status online any time.

Mobile App to Pay or Dispute a NYC Parking Ticket

NYC Parking Ticket Pay or Dispute” is a mobile app you can use to request a hearing. Once you submit your request, you should get a confirmation that you need to keep for your records. The confirmation is available through email and text. This apps works on both Android and iOS devices. The app will tell you whether your request is accepted or denied, and your ticket will be put on hold to prevent further fees.

Ticket in Judgment

If you haven’t requested a hearing within 100 days, your ticket will go into judgment. Even though it’s in default judgment, you can still try to fight the ticket up to a year. However, you must fill out a form called “Parking and Camera Violation Request for a Hearing After Judgement.” Remember that the judge will be more apt to grant a hearing request if you had good reason to wait. If the judge doesn’t grant the hearing, you will have to pay the ticket. You will also have to pay a fine for late payment, and interest.

Request Appeals

You can always request an appeal within 30 days of the decision. If you haven’t paid the ticket at this point, you may get towed, booted, or penalized, along with other enforcement actions. You still need to fill out the form for a hearing after judgment. If you lose your hearing, you may want to take a defensive driving course to help improve your driving score.

IMPROV® Can Help with Defensive Driving Tickets in New York

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