New York’s traffic is possibly one of the most infamous in the United States. It is not uncommon for drivers to find themselves in a sticky situation, either through getting stuck in traffic at a snail’s pace (or worse), or getting in an accident. It isn’t the easiest thing in the world to avoid that, so a lot of people sooner choose to take a taxi, like Uber. This is why prospective taxi drivers who are both in-state and those visiting from out-of-state have a lot to benefit from getting a Taxi & Limousine Commission License (TLC), as the taxi industry is not going to be hurting for income anytime soon. If you want to get a TLC license in NY, defensive driving courses (among others), are a must. You can also take an online course that will help you get some edge that helps you pass. Here are the steps that you need to take on your path to becoming a taxi driver in NY:

1. Obtain one of the following: a Class-E Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) License or Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).
2. Apply for a TLC For-Hire Vehicle (FHV) License
3. Complete your NY Defensive Driving Course

Once you finish doing these three steps, you must submit your information to the TLC, which will then send you an email to make an appointment. Make sure that you are fully prepared for the appointment by bringing all of your documents; these include:

1. Both Parts A and B of your online TLC application (which must be printed and signed)
2. A credit or debit card to pay the $100 application fee
3. Your social security card and a photocopy of it
4. A certificate that shows you passed your Defensive Driving Course
5. Your DMV Class-E License or CDL

If after the appointment it is determined that you are fit to have a TLC license, you can then start working at your new career. Typically, a person thinks of a taxi as one of those yellow cars with a sign on top; of late, taxis have been more well-known through rising companies like Uber, where regular people can become effective taxi drivers more easily, as you are not beholden to a limited job market in the taxi industry, but rather can be your own boss and essentially run your own taxi business under Uber.
While some states are more lenient about the licensing that you need to get in order to drive for Uber, NY requires about as much effort to be legally able to drive Uber as it takes to drive a traditional taxi vehicle. As such, you will need to do the above-mentioned steps in order to take your first step. You will also need to do an interview with Uber to ensure that you are fit for the job.

Benefits of driving for NY Uber
As was mentioned above, Uber allows its drivers to essentially be their own boss. Uber employees ferry passengers to and fro, collecting their fares from them and operating on their own schedule. It creates an empowering atmosphere and gives them more control over their work and home life. Another great benefit of having such a free schedule is that people in New York who are going to school can better manage things, allowing them to earn money without having their school work fall behind. And of course, being in New York, it is not as though you are going to find much trouble getting people to ride your taxi.