It may seem like every day is a battle while driving on the road. You race across town to get to places on time .. avoiding cars that are driving too slow or too fast. In most cases you may fall into the latter category since you’re always trying to make it to your destination on time.  And then BAM a speed trap…

Most of you may have experienced being in a speed trap and it sucks getting that hefty traffic ticket which usually derives you NO mercy especially if you’re going fast on residential roads.
Although we are in no way encouraging you to beat the system and go fast through town here are some tips on how to minimize getting caught in “THE SPEED TRAP.”

Note: We do not condone speeding.
1. Don’t speed. But if you are then look out for typical speed trap spots like heading down hills, rounding curves.

2. Utilize services online that will help you on the road. Folks are getting hip to speed traps around their town and are using the world wide web to help their fellow drivers:

The Speed Trap Exchange website [] helps you find speed traps along your route; before embarking on a trip do a little research and take the list with you.

Another tool to avoid speed traps and apparently favorite amongst soccer moms can be found at This application can be downloaded to your cell phone and will send you real-time alerts about locations of a speed trap. What’s even better is that it is hands free so it also avoids you getting a ticket for holding your cell phone to check. Visit for all the info.

3. Buy a Radar detector. Note to Truck Drivers: By federal law, radar detectors are illegal in commercial vehicles (such as trucks) in all states. Radar “jammers” are also illegal in all states.

4. Seems that the best tool on the road is to have knowledge of the road you’re traveling so educate yourself on the maximum speed limits in all the states you’ll be visiting as speed laws vary from state to state. Visit:

So enjoy the road with these little tips on avoiding speed traps but most of all drive safely … not too fast. Also, if you happen to need it online traffic school or defensive driving course could be the best way to fix your driving record.