When Tesla began marketing the autopilot feature on its vehicles, it was thinking more along the lines of creating safer driving conditions for its drivers and for everyone on the highways who encountered them. Think lane control, collision intervention, park-assist and even 4-wheel drive. Using innovative technology such as forward- and rear-facing cameras, sensors, radar and dynamic cruise-control, Teslas can almost — the operative word here — almost drive themselves safely to most destinations.

With one small disclaimer — you still need to keep your hands on the wheel.

Unfortunately, not all drivers of autopilot cars realize this — as the elderly mother of a YouTuber found out earlier this month when her son placed her behind the wheel of his Tesla and took to the open road using the car’s autopilot system to navigate against on-coming traffic.

Needless to say, the 70-year-old mom was a little nervous allowing the car to take control, even with her son sitting safely beside her in the passenger seat, ready to regain control should the need arise.

The woman’s mini panic attack went viral quickly, and her son took the video down, but not before those in the know took advantage of the situation to scold some drivers for the way they use the autopilot feature.

“He should have told her to keep her hands on the steering wheel.” wrote Electrek.com’s Fred Lambert. Apparently, keeping your hands on the wheel while your vehicle assumes control over acceleration and navigation lends an air of comfort to the driver, making for a safer journey. Who knew?

Of course, it also helps to prepare your elderly parent before placing him or her behind the wheel and taking away manual control too.

The YouTuber only meant to cast a humorous light on the reluctance of older drivers to use autopilot, but his video brings up a valid conundrum — the plight of aging drivers on today’s highways and back roads.

According to the National Institutes of Health, your risk of crash increases as you age, with drivers over the age of 75 most at-risk. Common causes include failing to come to a complete stop at stop signs, driving too slowly, failing to yield the right-of-way, swerving across lanes and misjudging time or distance needed to stop. Intersections are a concern for older drivers, as are merge areas, with drivers getting “T-boned” for failing to stop or yield.

Does a vehicle’s autopilot feature assist these drivers? Or does it create a liability when they’re forced to overcome half a century of driving experience?

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