For commercial drivers in California, getting a traffic ticket can be devastating. Depending on your employer’s policy, you may be put on a penalized, placed on a probationary status or even terminated. This is true both of tickets that you get while driving for work and those you get driving your personal vehicle. Thanks to California’s AB 1888, however, you may be able to have some tickets dismissed by attending a California traffic school.

California AB 1888 Has Strict Requirements
Not all drivers, and not all tickets, can be dismissed by attending traffic school. Ultimately, whether you’ll be able to have your ticket dismissed is up to the court’s discretion. The court, however, is required to follow California AB 1888, which defines when tickets can be dismissed by attending traffic school.

Per California AB 1888, you should qualify for traffic school as long as:

• you have a valid California driver’s license
• you were driving a noncommercial vehicle at the time that you were ticketed
• your ticket is for a moving violation

With these requirements in place, you might not be able to get your ticket dismissed by attending traffic school if you were driving a commercial vehicle or were issued a non-moving violation (such as a parking ticket). Additionally, certain tickets don’t qualify for the option. These tickets include more egregious violations, such as drug or alcohol use, excessive speeding (15 mph or more over the posted speed limit), reckless driving, and tailgating.

With all of these limitations in place, California’s traffic school ticket dismissal program may seem of only minimal use to commercial drivers. If you receive a ticket while driving your personal vehicle, though, the option to attend traffic school and have your ticket dismissed may prove very advantageous.

Get Points Reduce by Attending a CA Traffic School
By attending traffic school if you’re able to, you’ll be able to avoid having demerit points added to your license. You’ll still need to pay any fines and fees associated with your ticket, and your violation will still show up on your record. Once you complete the program, though, any Negligent Operator Points associated with your ticket won’t be added to your license.

How to Get a CA Traffic Ticket Dismissed by Attending Traffic School
If you qualify for traffic school, you’ll be sent a courtesy notice that you can take advantage of this option by one of California’s court. (If you believe you qualify but aren’t notified by a court that you do, the state recommends contacting a lawyer.) Once you receive the courtesy notice, you’ll need to:

1. Notify the court that you will be attending traffic school to have the ticket dismissed. You’ll either have to let the court know in person on the date of your appearance or beforehand in writing.
2. Enroll in and complete a state-approved traffic school course by the deadline you’re given. The judge or clerk will provide this deadline.

3. Confirm that your traffic school has notified the court of your successful completion after you finish the class. You can confirm this with both your school and the court.

Once notified, the court will not add the points to your license, or it’ll remove them if they’ve already been added.

CA Drivers: Take Advantage of This Opportunity to Have a Ticket Dismissed
If you’re given the opportunity to have a ticket dismissed, take advantage. Traffic school is simple to complete, and not having the points on your license could save your job and ensure you have plenty of opportunities in the future.