You might think police are only looking for drunk drivers during New Year’s Eve and after the Super Bowl, but you’d be wrong. Police are savvy drunk driver spotters–they know when people are likely to putting away a few too many beers and might be tempted to climb behind the wheel when they would be better off calling a cab.

Count St. Patrick’s Day among those sorts of occasions.

That’s right. This year New York State Police and local municipalities will be out in force on St. Patty’s Day looking for people who had a little too much brew and not enough common sense. Drivers should expect additional patrols, random traffic stops and DUI check points scattered around the state. Oh, and if you think you’re going to be smart and turn around to avoid the checkpoint, think again. That’ll cost you a citation and if you’re drunk (which is probably why you tried to avoid the DUI checkpoint) you’ll get another citation, a trip to jail, points added to your license, fines, fees and suspension of your driving privileges.

So, enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day holiday. Go out, meet some friends, whether they’re Irish or not, and drink as much beer as you can safely enjoy. But when it’s time to go home make certain you call a cab, brought a designated driver or walk. Because if you drive drunk you’re not only risking a ticket, you’re also risking your life and the life of everyone else on the road with you.