The GoPro camera has captured those impossible to film moments for action enthusiast with the smooth quality of a much more expensive piece of equipment. GoPro is not just for the athletic though, many automakers are integrating GoPro features into the newer models. And Volkswagen is giving a GoPro to each customer who buys a new model of their latest car. BMW and GoPro have gotten together to develop an app for the BMW and Mini that owners of newer model BMWs can download to control the GoPro from inside the car.

Required for installation is a newer model BMW (2012 and up) with the Infotainment system, a GoPro camera with Wi-fi, and the iPhone app integrated with the BMW vehicle. Once these requirements have been met, users can control their GoPro through iDrive, with simplified menus, and incredible ease of use. Some say that BMW’s integration is not as nice as Corvettes’ with the same camera, however it is up for personal judgment. Perhaps GoPro integration will become as standard in new vehicles as the radio is.

Even those unwilling to take risks can experience the adrenaline rush vicariously through GoPro, but beware these videos are not for the faint of heart. If you have captured an awesome action shot with a GoPro, or are more the couch enthusiast type scroll down for moments captured with a GoPro that are sure to take your breath away.