This month everyone involved with safe driving will be focusing their efforts on the most at-risk group of drivers: teens. That’s right, teenagers are the most likely drivers to be involved in fatal crashes. According to the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control, traffic crashes are still the leading cause of death for teenagers.

Teens are also more at risk for distracted driving crashes. Seeing as how they are also the most likely users of handheld devices this makes sense.

What does not make sense is why, after all the emphasis we place on keeping kids safe, we have such a high rate of traffic fatalities for them once they start driving.

To counter this trend police, public safety officials, insurers, parents and educators are taking advantage of Global Youth Traffic Safety Month to spread the message that this group needs careful attention to remain safe and make it to adulthood. There are a number of programs in place by insurance companies and even the American Automobile Association to reward safe drivers and those who work hard at promoting traffic safety for teens. They hope that teenagers will go on summer vacation and focus more on their safe driving skills and spread the message to their friends, creating a viral movement of safety.

Another effort is in reminding teens and their parents that when they drive with friends in their car the chance of them having a serious accident dramatically increase. If they have an adult in the vehicle with them, or are just aware that an adult is monitoring their driving behavior, their chances of having a serious crash falls dramatically. This seems like proof enough of the importance of focusing on teen driving and letting them know that you care and that you are watching.