Washington D.C. has nothing on Sioux Falls, South Dakota, especially when it comes to the number of safe drivers. At least when you look at the number of insurance claims filed.

Sure, Washington is our nation’s capital; a major urban center and home to such sites as the Lincoln Memorial and the Smithsonian Institute. Still, if you want to get home safe from any of those places your odds are better if do it in Sioux Falls (which might be a problem if you live in New York (quite a detour.)

According to a new report from Allstate Insurance Co. the District of Columbia is at the bottom of the list of the safest-driving cities in America. The report shows that the average motorist there is involved in a crash every 4.7 years. Compared to the national average of once every 10 years that is better than twice the risk of most of the country.

By comparison, drivers in Sioux Falls, S.D., are expected to have a collision just once every 13.8 years. That’s more than an extra 25 percent longer than the national average ad more than enough to make it seem like a significant improvement over Washington D.C. where drivers are about three times as likely to be involved in a vehicle collision as their Western friends.

When it comes to safe driving the best indicator is perhaps the number of insurance claims lodged, however there are certainly other considerations. The population of a location certainly has a bearing on the likelihood of having a collision, as does the number of out-of-state visitors, the age of the general population in the region and perhaps even environmental concerns.

However, when you look at the facts, just the statistics and nothing else, Sioux Falls seems to be the best choice for safe drivers.

According to the report the next few on the list are Boise, Idaho; Fort Collins, Colo.; Madison, Wis.; and Lincoln, Neb.