If you were at the Green Bay Packers-Arizona Cardinals game at Lambeau Field last weekend you might have noticed an increased police presence on your way home. That’s because Wisconsin police strategically placed themselves outside the stadium looking for those fans who might have too much of a good thing during the game or before it, and still decided to drive home.

Operating while intoxicated is illegal in all 50 states and police frown on anyone who feels the need to violate that law. Fortunately for police (and anyone who values their safety on the roads) finding drunk drivers is sometimes too easy. If they place themselves in areas where people are likely to be drinking and watch for vehicles driving unsafely, or simply perform a DUI checkpoint, chances are they will catch at least one drunk driver. And taking just one drunk driver off the road might be enough to save a life.

There has been much debated recently about whether or not distracted driving is worse than driving under the influence of alcohol, but the fact is neither of these things is worth attempting if you care at all about the value of human life. Drunk driving is no less dangerous than it has ever been, regardless of whether or not distracted driving is actually worse.

For the two drivers busted for drunk driving after the Arizona Cardinals-Green Bay Packers game surely getting arrested was a total bummer. Points will be added to their license; they might spend time in jail or have their driving privileges suspended, plus pay a hefty fine. But if they hadn’t been stopped by police they might have been involved in a vehicle collision and hurt or killed someone, including themselves or the people riding with them.