These are exciting times for the automotive industry as a wealth of technology continues to be introduced. But it’s not the only area in the automotive world that will see significant changes in the next ten years. Let’s take a look at the various areas of the industry and where they might be in ten years.


The technology is already available for self-parking and for automatic braking to prevent accidents. These types of “robo-car” options will continue to be added, with built in radar constantly scanning the roadways ahead, behind and side to side. In ten years, cars will be able to communicate with each other, transmitting information about heavy traffic, accidents, construction delays and more.


One of the big changes we will see in the automotive industry is how cars are marketed. While cars are now mainly marketed through television advertising, you will see big-data used regularly in ten years. Automakers will be able to determine what cars appeal to certain people based on other consumer habits. They will have the ability to finely tune their marketing to target specific types of people for specific types of cars. Big-data already knows more about you than you may realize. Within the next ten years, the lines will be drawn connecting buying habits, personalities, and the cars people are likely to buy.

Where They Are Produced

China now produces 1 of every 4 cars produced in the world. The United States is sixth. Even in the U.S., more cars are produced outside of Detroit than in it. The Automotive Industry is a critical component in states like Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. Hondas are produced in Ohio, Kia’ are being made in Georgia, and even BMW’s are being produced in South Carolina. In ten years, we will continue to see manufacturers expand where their automobiles are produced.

Construction and Mileage

In ten years government fuel standards are set to double from their current level. That means automobiles will have to average 54.5 miles per gallon. This is going to force cars to be made of lighter materials with more energy efficient engines. Electric vehicle will be more common.

The automotive industry is set for a tidal wave of change in technology, marketing and how and where they are produced. It is not in some far distant future. It is likely we will see them in the next ten years.