The American Automobile Association is predicting that more Americans than ever before will be hitting the roads this holiday. A combination of increased airfare and decreased gasoline prices are making the idea of a holiday road trip much more enticing for millions of Americans.

While everyone is focusing on presents and feasting and visiting with relatives they haven’t seen in ages, some drivers will inevitably forget that taking a trip, even a short one, is fraught with hazards which they could easily take steps to avoid.

My Improv Online Traffic School wants you to enjoy your holiday and be safe getting to where you are going. We have compiled a short list of four simple steps you can take before setting out on your trip to make certain you get there safely.

1. Check out your vehicle: It is winter which means (for many of us) the weather will be hard to predict, so check your windshield wipers and check your tire pressure; check your oil, your radiator fluid and your brake fluid.

2. Bring supplies: An extra container of water, a handful of energy bars and a flashlight are important to pack along with your holiday gifts and feast. In the event of a vehicle breakdown you should stay with your vehicle and await help. Having a few extra supplies on hand will keep you safe while you wait.

3. Plot your route ahead: Be certain you know exactly where you are going and which roads you will take to get there. And always call ahead so the people at your destination know when to expect you, when to worry and where to look for you in the event you do not arrive in a timely fashion.

4. Bring your cell phone and charger: Be certain your cell phone is fully charged before you set out on your journey. It might seem like overly simplistic advice but often we are so busy worrying about the gifts and gab that we forget to charge our phone. Be certain you have your phone and that it is fully charged before you set out. Also, bring your charger with you and purchase a car charger so it can be charging on the road, ready when you need it.