For tourist and speeders, traffic traps are the bane of highway travels. Lurking in the shadows, highway patrol waits for their unsuspecting victim to speed through their trap. But, the victims aren’t so much victims as they are perpetrators for violating the traffic laws. Once they get a ticket, they usually opt to take online FL traffic school to dismiss the ticket.

However, some highway patrol takes it too far. One example of excessive speeding traps is the scheme that occurred in Waldo, Florida. An investigation began in the tiny village after 7 police officers wrote 12,000 speeding tickets in one year.

Speeding is always bad, but speeding traps are worst. The investigation led to the disbandment of the entire Waldo police force. Florida has the reputation of excessive speeding traps throughout the state, so we’re listing some of the top traffic traps for Florida tourist.


Like Waldo, this small shanty town is notorious for its high rate of speed traps. Be on the lookout for signs that quickly reduce speeds, school zones, and how fast you’re going through the town. When driving through this town, remember you can’t spell Lawtey without “Law” – as in, follow it.


One of the biggest cities in Florida, Miami has countless reports of speeding traps. Most reports note turnpikes, streets throughout the city, and occasionally on the highways. When visiting this town, remember you can catch some sun, beach fun, and some traffic tickets.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg has its fair share of traffic traps. When passing through the city, watch out for school zones and speed limit signs that fluctuate quickly. The police are relentless with issuing tickets. Instead of calling it St. Petersburg, it should be called St. Speedersburg.


You can find yourself falling into a traffic trap whenever you take an exit in Tampa. Drive the speed limit, or a few below, when you leave a highway. Police like to pull over unsuspecting speeders who are adjusting their speed.

Lady Lake

In this small town, reduce speed signs are littered throughout the area. This makes the land ripe for ticketing. You’ll pass through this town when you’re taking US 441.


When you’re visiting Sarasota, be sure to check out the Big Cat Habitat or the Marine Laboratory, because you’ll need to do something happy after accumulating all your traffic tickets. Sarasota has an abundance of traffic traps. Be wary of traveling through this city; especially around bridges and school zones.

Gulf Breeze

When you’re vacationing to Destin (everyone loves Destin) watch out for speeding traps around Gulf Breeze on US 98. This area is known for the traffic traps set to catch you unsuspectingly. Which, everyone will be caught unsuspectingly, because the only thing people will be thinking about is their awesome vacation in Destin.


Orland has one of the densest and unforgiving traffic traps in the state. Disney World can’t supply enough magic and wonder to make these traffic traps vanish. Some police officers like to catch tourist, who are unfamiliar with the area, when they least expect it: right outside Mickey Mouse’s Kingdom. That’s how Disney World works, right? Don’t fall victim to the tourist traffic traps around Orlando.

When you slip up and exceed the speed limit, you’ll be slapped with an expensive traffic ticket. Getting a traffic violation will result in a higher annual car insurance rate. But, there’s a solution to this problem.

Enrolling in an online traffic school and passing your Florida driving test will keep your insurance rates from skyrocketing when you, unfairly, get ticketed. So, enroll in one of our online traffic school course to get started taking your test.