In Florida, police are taking a closer look at drivers who fail to stop properly at the beginning of an intersection when the lights have changed. The law states quite clearly that drivers not permitted to cross into ‘the box’ once the lights have change. It also prohibits them from lingering inside ‘the box’ when traffic prevents them from continuing through to the other side.

Drivers who are caught blocking an intersection will be fined up to $500 and receive up to three points their driver’s license.

Police say drivers who block intersections create dangerous situations for other drivers, inhibit the ability of businesses to conduct business and generally create a worse traffic situation in the already over-crowded state.

To counter this situation police are enforcing existing state laws which require drivers to not block an intersection under any circumstances. It can be very tempting for a driver to inch their way into an intersection, believing that the little bit of extra space available is plenty for their vehicle, or that being caught in the middle of the intersection is not their fault because the light was green when they entered it.

Defensive drivers understand one other key factor when it comes to driving safety: courtesy. Being courteous driver means, among other things, not blocking cross traffic from getting through just because you feel entitled to the space. Road rage continues to be a big problem in the U.S. and often it is triggered simply by a lack of courtesy between drivers. Just by being a courteous driver, following all state and federal traffic regulations you can avoid a big problem with other drivers and might avoid an even bigger problem with police in Florida who have taken an interest in drivers who lack “courtesy” and don’t obey the law.

You have been warned.