Not so long ago, foreign visitors to the state of Florida were required to obtain a special state issued driver’s license if they wanted to drive legally in the state. The law angered Canadians who travel to the state by the millions year after year, and possibly violated the Geneva Convention which says countries which sign the document cannot force visitors from other signatory countries to obtain special driving privileges.

Oh, wait, that law still exists in Florida. However, Florida lawmakers, who passed the law but claim they didn’t realize just how “wrong” it was, are now furiously working to repeal the law which went into effect this year.

This has certainly eased tensions between the state of Florida and the country of Canada, but it seems at least some damage has already been done the reputation of the Sunshine State. Canadian tourists have started looking at other winter destinations, choosing not risk being on the wrong side of the law while on vacation.

Once the repeal is approved by both houses of the Florida Congress and signed into law by Florida Governor Rick Scott, it will again be legal for Canadians (or people from anywhere) to drive legally on state roads and highways so long as they are legally licensed in their home country.

Which is the law any way.