Thinking that as long as you don’t drink and drive you can skirt the New York DWI laws? Think again. This past weekend Lisa Maria Falcone, wife of hedge fund manager Phil Falcone, was arrested by police and charged with DWI after crashing her car while driving in Bridgehampton. A subsequent test by police determined that Falcone had prescription drugs in her system, as well as alcohol, which impaired her ability to adequately and safely operate a vehicle.

According to police at the scene Falcone was popping pills while under the influence of alcohol. Few other details are available and so far Falcone has not commented on her arrest.

Regardless of the details of this specific case it is worth pointing out that anything which impairs your ability to drive is likely to cause you trouble with police, especially if your impairment results in a vehicle collision. Police do not limit themselves (and neither does the law) when it comes to driver impairment. If you are under the influence of anything-cold medicine, alcohol, prescription drugs or soda pop-police have a legal responsibility to stop you. Regardless of what might have been influencing you, if you are demonstrating impaired driving police will issue you a citation and you will not be able to argue against it.

Before you get behind the wheel of a 3,000 pound missile made of stell, glass and plastic, make certain you have complete control of your faculties. To do otherwise is to risk a citation from police and possibly, risk your life or the life of someone sharing the road with you.