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Yes, driving school can contain the speediness and fun normally reserved for comedy clubs, you just have to know where to look. Luckily our online defensive driving classes, created by the much-loved Improv Comedy Club more than two decades ago, is just the place. Featured on CBS and NBC, in the New York Times, People Magazine, and hundreds of other national publication we know what we’re talking about.

Defensive Driving Class


Arizona Online Defensive Driving

If you’ve landed yourself in traffic court, this online traffic school is a self-paced cure to what ails you. Approved by all Arizona Courts for traffic ticket dismissal. We offer one-stop shot by verifying your eligibility, collecting all required court and state fees and then reporting your completion directly to the court. No more trips or calls required.

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California Online Traffic School

CA DMV Licensed and accepted by all CA Courts – This online humorous traffic safety course meets requirements of an 8-hour traffic violator school. Complete at your own pace, no timers or proctored exams. Easy final quiz and we report your completions on your behalf. No more court visits required.

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California In-Person Traffic School

Need a break from you PC, we don’t blame you. We still offer classroom courses at selected locations. We will report completion directly to the DMV

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California Teen Driver Education

Wanna get that learner’s permit the safe and simple way? Look no further than this Driver’s Ed course, certified by CA DMV and is free of boring old men with coffee breath. Complete 100% Online and get your permit this week!

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Delaware Insurance Discount Program

Auto policy discounts, here you come! Approved by the Delaware Insurance Commissioner. IF you hold a Delaware License you are guaranteed a discount upon completion. Inquire with your agent for more info as to how much discount will be applied. Will provide you with certificate to present to your insurance carrier.

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Florida Online Traffic School

Florida courts as well as the Florida DMV for ticket dismissal approve this course. That means that if you received a ticket you can take this 100% online basic driver improvement course (BDI) to get rid of it, even if you were not ordered to take a traffic school class. A four-hour Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course, we offer online and classroom versions for those naughty individuals who need it, and the nice ones who simply want to get better at plying those beautiful Florida roads.

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Florida Traffic Collision Avoidance Course

Though you may feel like you deserve a “tsk, tsk” for earning time in the traffic collision educational clinker, we won’t make you feel that way. Instead, this four-hour comedy traffic school course is guaranteed to inspire meaningful change through hilarity. Afterwards, we’ll report your completion directly to the DMV.

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Florida 8-Hour Online Course

Florida rules allow attendance of Traffic School once every 12 months, but many judges will allow you to attend twice, for twice as long. If you’ve earned yourself an eight-hour penance, this is the one to take. Luckily, it’s online, so your schooling and laughs can take place in the comfort of your own home. We’ll provide you with instant certificate within 30 minutes

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Florida Aggressive Driver Course

For the grumpy bears out there! Don’t worry, we know what it’s like, but that still won’t save you from the Aggressive Driver course for moving violations that are considered motivated by aggressive driving. Whether you suffer from recurring road rage or simply had a one time blowup, this eight-hour course will give you the skills you need to get back on the road anger free, and we’ll provide you with instant certification within 30 minutes.

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Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse

This course is required of all new drivers prior to getting a Florida Driver License. It’s also known as Teen Driver Education, so take it to get the skinny on what you need to know to become a safe, licensed driver in the state of Florida. But before you go thinking you’re getting away with something, keep in mind that adults who have never been licensed elsewhere must also complete this four-hour course.

Listen up, Floridians forced to face the fallout of a faulty vehicular fate: all is not lost. You may need to do a little time for your sins, but that doesn’t mean jailing yourself permanently. If you like to laugh and want to get those burdensome tickets out of the way while doing it, look no further than our online traffic school, created by the much-loved Improv Comedy Club more than two decades ago.

All of our courses share a few simple traits. They’re fun, they’re fast and they’re effective. In study after study our methods have been proven to reduce collisions in future and prevent tickets. What more could you want? So if you’re a Florida driver who could use a little Traffic School TLC, consider our fast, easy, online pick-me-ups:

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Georgia Defensive Driving Course Online

Approved by many Georgia courts for ticket dismissal or fine reduction. You must obtain a permission to attend a defensive driving program before completing this course. You will be able to print an official certificate at the end of the course and present it to your court.

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Idaho Online Defensive Driving Course

If you referred by court or the Department of Motor Vehicles, this course also removes up to three points from your driving record. Will report directly to the DMV and issue you an original certificate.

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Nevada Online Traffic School

This course, approved by Nevada DMV and all courts for ticket dismissal, is easy and low-stress. No reason to spend a day in a stuffy courtroom class. Approved by Nevada DMV and accepted by all Nevada courts. Will provide you with certificate to present to the court.
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Nevada DUI – Driving Under the Influence

No one’s proud of a DUI, but get it off your record and get moving in the right direction with this class, approved by the Nevada DMV for a first-time DUI offense. Will provide you with court certification.

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Michigan Online Driver Improvement Course

If you were ordered by Michigan DMV or court to complete a defensive driving course or to reinstate your driver license due to multiple violations. Will provide you with a facsimile copy of the certificate and transmit original to the Michigan Department of State.

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Missouri Online Defensive Driving

This course is approved by all Missouri courts for ticket dismissal, and offers the same day 30-minute certificate processing once you finish up. We also transmit your completion to the Department of Revenue.

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NJ Defensive Driving Course Online

Receive up to 10% insurance discount from your base policy at net renewal.

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New York Defensive Driving

Every NY driver qualifies. By NY State Law any every insurance carrier is required to issue you a 10% discount on you comprehensive and liability policy. Discount takes place retroactively from the day of the course completion. More than one driver in the household… you can get a discount for every primary driver of the each vehicle in your household. Course is offered 100% Online or Classroom. You also will receive a benefit of point removal from your driving record if you have points on your record. We provide you with instant certificate and will mail original same day as you complete.

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Texas Defensive Driving

This online or classroom course is approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and accepted by all Texas courts for ticket dismissal. It offers same-day completion and certificate processing, with proof of completion in the mail the following day.

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Corporate Fleet Training

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Special Pricing for online defensive driving for fleet managers. Helps promote safe driving, mitigates risk, lowers insurance rates and help you comply with state and federal safety regulations.