A man in Long Island, New York, is facing a litany of charges after police say he resisted arrest following a minor traffic stop.

According to police they pulled the man over for a minor traffic infraction and then noticed a small child (2-years-old) in the back seat was not properly restrained. Police ran a license check on the man and found he had a suspended license in another state and no valid New York driving license. When they attempted to arrest him, the man allegedly tried to flee the scene. Police grappled with him, resulting in multiple injuries to all three involved. The man was arrested and charged with assault, aggravated unlicensed, unlicensed operator and having a child younger than 4 in the back seat without a restraint. Both police officers were treated at a nearby hospital for multiple injuries.

There is a lesson here for every driver who may be stopped for any reason: never, ever, never try to flee police. They will catch you. No matter how angry they may be when they pull you over they will be angrier if you make them chase you. And they will catch you. Probably right away, but if not right away, eventually. When they do catch you they will heap on the charges because they had to chase you; you’ll have proven that you knew you were doing something wrong and therefore are someone they want to detain to see what else it is you might be hiding.

Be honest. Be a good person. If you have done something wrong take your medicine, face the consequences and get on with your life. You’ll be much better off in the long run if you do it the easy way than if you try to do it the hard way. Trust us.