If there’s one thing we know, it’s how to dismiss a New York Traffic Ticket. There’s not one thing we have more experience doing than receiving traffic ticket violations. We know every trick in the book to dismiss those pesky pieces of paper. We get it. The “court” is demanding that you “pay” these “traffic tickets.”

We’ll see who “pays!”

Since we’ve spent enough fines to finance a second Brooklyn Bridge, we know every step to dismiss your traffic ticket. All secrecy aside, you have the ability to dismiss a traffic ticket when you believe you are innocent. Here’s how to do it:

The Repercussions of a Traffic Ticket

Does the government think we’re all big bags of money? Look at these outrageous prices you must pay when you’re ticketed! You can face anywhere from $90 to nearly $1,000.

The expenses don’t end there.

When you commit a traffic violation, you receive points on your driving record. We know that sounds like a good thing, but, trust us, it’s not! We learned that the hard way. Like a good game of golf, having the lowest score on your driving record means you win. The points are allocated to drivers who are deemed unsafe and reckless. When you accumulate a lot of points, you’re a bad driver.

A high amount of points on your driving record will result in a higher annual insurance rate. You won’t just pay the fine attached to your ticket, but your annual insurance rate premium will increase. That’s why dismissing your traffic ticket can save you big money.

Dismissing the Traffic Ticket

Buckle up, bucko! It’s time to fight back against that traffic ticket. You just found out you’re getting points for being a bad driver and you have to pay $90 to $1,000? There’s so at stake for going 30+ MPH over the speed limit.

It’s easy to put a spin on reckless driving, but you must prove to the court how you do not deserve your traffic ticket. If you would like to dismiss your ticket, the first thing you have to do is plead “not guilty” with the court. This will issue a court summons and give you a chance to state your case.

Before the court, consider hiring a traffic ticket attorney or lawyer. Choosing to represent yourself could be a tricky situation since you will be expected to follow procedures of a NY traffic court.

When contesting, you could face negative and positive results. If you lose your case, you can face the consequences of when you received your ticket. Which includes:

● Jail sentence
● Suspended license
● Points added to your driving record
● Community service
● Fines

Successfully proving your innocence in court, by showing you are undeserving of the traffic ticket, will result in the following:

● Dismissed traffic ticket
● No fines
● No points
● Insurance rates stay low

Dismiss the Ticket by Defensive Driving Course

Finding out there’s no real excuse for driving 30+ MPH over the speed limit can be hard. Remember you can still save money. Most NY courts will dismiss your if you take an approved NY defensive driving course. You will still have to pay a hefty fine, but at least you will not get any points added to your record. By taking a NYS defensive driving course, you can keep your driving record from accumulating points and y won’t have to suffer from increased annual insurance rates!

A NYS defensive driving course is the cheapest solution to showing your insurance company that you can be a safe driver. When it comes to traffic tickets, we’ve been there and done that. We know just about everything when saving money and violating traffic laws.