It took a Delaware drunk driver about 2 minutes to completely destroy her own car, a lamp post, mailbox, a 2012 Mercedes, a 2012 Harley Davidson and an entire home after missing a turn and going off the road.

Police say Jessica Cook, 21, lost control of her car while speeding around a curve on New Granville Road very early Monday morning. Police have also said alcohol was a factor in the crash though Cook’s blood alcohol content has not yet been released. Police say they are still investigating the crash. Cook was not injured, and neither were any occupants in the home, though the county building inspector reported the house is now unfit for habitation because of the damage it sustained.

So, my question is, how many drinks does it take to destroy a home, two cars and a motorcycle, not to mention the lamp post and mailbox?

Drunk driving is about as far from defensive driving as you can possibly get, although distracted driving is even worse when it comes to the likelihood of you having a crash. The fact is, while distracted driving is a case of you not paying attention to what you are doing, driving after having a few drinks means even if you are paying attention your coordination just isn’t up to snuff. So you are more likely to crash.

Studies have shown that just two beers is enough to not only put some people over the limit, it also severely inhibits your ability to react or even think clearly. You are not in control of your senses when you are drunk. That’s what creates an opportunity for embarrassing photos to be taken of you and posted on your friend’s Facebook page. It’s also why you are more likely to crash your car. Although you might think you are perfectly fine, because you are drunk and not thinking clearly, you are wrong about being capable of driving safe.

Being a good defensive driver starts before you ever open the car door. It starts when you realize that you might not be able to drive safely after a few drinks so you arrange for a safe and sober drive home.

Image: Stuart Miles /