Wasting no time in deciding that driving conditions will be greatly worsened by Hurricane Sandy, Delaware Governor Jack Markell ordered statewide “Level Two” driving restrictions beginning at 5am this morning. These restrictions will remain in place, and possibly be further increased, as the storm makes landfall. Once forecasters give the all-clear, and flooded streets return to normal, it is likely the restrictions will be lifted.

In case you don’t know what Delaware state “Level Two” driving restrictions are, here’s a breakdown:

“‘Level 2 Driving Restriction’ provides that no person shall operate a motor vehicle on Delaware roadways other than essential personnel. ‘Essential personnel’ includes those employees necessary to maintain the core functions of government and maintain health and safety by providing utility services, healthcare services, and food and fuel deliveries. In addition, some private employers have received a waiver from the Delaware Emergency Management Agency for essential employees.”

Unless your employer has received a waiver (which they will produce for you) you have no business driving to work. Or to school. Or to the grocery store. Or to your friend’s house. Unless you are in the midst of an actual emergency there simply is no reason to be driving around Delaware today.

The problem facing drivers in Delaware today, and for hundreds of miles around the state in all directions, is the unpredictable nature of Hurricane Sandy and its effects. Roads might become flooded–not just roads prone to flooding but roads which have never flooded before. Power lines might come down, trees might shatter in the wind and despite the heavy rainfall there is a very real possibility of fires as emergency crews find themselves taxed to the limit.