Mother Nature strikes when you least expect it … our Improv Traffic School Team has come up with some tips on driving during a Hurricane.

Driving Tip #1 DON”T DRIVE
But it you have to …..

Driving Tip #2 Make sure you have a full tank of gas before you hit the open road!

Driving Tip #3 Make sure you have flood insurance!

Driving Tip #4 Pack the following:

  • * Your cell phone [make sure it’s charged!]
  • * Essential Medicines
  • * Flashlights and batteries
  • * Old school Radio
  • * Food and water

Driving Tip #5 Have alternate routes of exit through your town in case your familiar roads are shut down for flooding.

Driving Tip #6 Let your family know, whether you get along with them or not, what your plan is so you have someone that has tabs on you!

Driving Tip #7 Don’t drive your bike during a hurricane! Watch this … wait for it around the 50 second mark!

Driving Tip #8 Watch out for high winds!