Has your latest fender bender landed you a traffic ticket? State trooper caught you indulging in a California roll? Traffic school can take the sting out of it.

But exactly how can California traffic school help you out, when you’ve been caught out? How much does it cost, and what makes it worth your while?

If you’re curious to know all this and more, read on, friend! We’re taking a deep dive into the cost of traffic school in California.

The real cost of a traffic ticket

Depending on the seriousness of the violation, a traffic ticket in California can cost you pretty big. Speeding is one of the most common violations committed on the road, and in California. Get caught going over the limit and you could be looking at a $200 fine. Or more. Fines only go up for each previous conviction.

Should you be convicted of a more serious offense, such as a DUI, you’ll owe at least $5000. Not to mention the possibility of jail time and other penalties.

The problem is once you’ve paid your fine, the costs have only just begun.

Insurance hikes

A traffic ticket doesn’t just cost you the fine. It can cost you big when your insurance comes up from renewal, and you now have points on your license.

Serious offenses such as DUIs will lead to insurance hikes of well over 70%. They will remain on your record for 10 years. Even much more minor offenses can lead to as much as a 20% increase.

California is also a state with a long memory. Violations attracting 2 or more points on your license will remain on your record for ten years.

Insurers may consider you a high-risk driver. Sure, each company has its own criteria, and these vary from insurer to insurer. But it’s clear – they’re something everyone wants to avoid.

If you’ve got a traffic ticket and are facing a point on your license, there’s only one thing to do. Attend a California traffic school.

The cost of traffic school in California

Traffic school is not just a way to protect yourself from insurance hikes and a blot on your driving record.

It can make you a better, safer driver. That’s good news for you and everyone else on the road. The other piece of good news for you is that the DMV now allows online traffic schools.

You need to register with an online traffic school that has DMV approval. The school you’ll want to sign up for will do more than just provide traffic school. Courses will even update the court and DMV on your behalf.

The most important thing is to see this not as a punishment but as an opportunity. The right traffic school will do more than get you out of a fine or reduce the cost of your insurance coverage. The right school will give you the confidence to drive safely for life.

Who can attend traffic school?

No matter how motivated you might be to get started, there are some criteria you’ll have to meet to be eligible for traffic school in California. According to the State of California, you must:

  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Not have been driving a commercial vehicle
  • The ticket is for a moving violation
  • What is a moving violation, you may ask? A moving violation does not make you emotional (although it might).

    Instead, it’s a violation that occurs when the vehicle is in motion. Think speeding, rolling a stop sign, running a red light, etc.

    Provided you meet these criteria, the court should offer you the option of traffic school when you receive the reminder notice. Of course, if your offense were more serious, you would not be given the opportunity to take traffic school.

    What are the benefits of traffic school?

    Traffic schools are there to make you a better driver. But they also allow you to change your conviction to a confidential conviction.

    What that means is that you know about it, and the DMV knows about it. But to everyone else, it’s like it never happened — no reporting to insurers, no points on your driving record.

    Even the California court system warns you – if you’re eligible and choose not to attend traffic school, on your head be it. Well, they don’t exactly say that, but they warn you that it could adversely affect your automobile insurance.

    Traffic school guide

    Getting the most out of traffic school

    Have you been given the option of attending traffic school? Have you decided to go through with it? In that case, you might as well get the best out of it!

    The California DMV requires that we provide 400 minutes of curriculum for you to study. However, the course is self-paced. You can take more or less time, depending on your circumstances.

    The best traffic advice we can give you is to give yourself time to learn. It’s true, that you can take it the day before your cut-off date. But it’s better to do it when you don’t have pressure and can get the most out of it.

    Another couple of traffic school tips are that you can do it anywhere and on any device. If you’re looking online, a good program is 100% accessible, whatever desktop, tablet, or mobile device you choose to use. You’ll want to find a school that provides total flexibility to complete traffic school your way.

    Turn that frown upside down with traffic school

    Traffic school might not sound like the most exciting thing ever. And it isn’t – but it’s way better than the alternative! Don’t sully your driving record with a point that shouldn’t be there.

    And, just because it may not be the most exciting proposition doesn’t mean it has to be a terrible experience. When shopping for a traffic school, always consider what will be the best fit for you personally. You know how you like to learn and what sorts of educational styles you find engaging.

    If you don’t, take your time to find the best choice. In addition to resolving a citation or potentially unlocking insurance discounts, traffic school can be your opportunity to become a more aware, safer driver. And the more aware and safely you drive, the less likely you are ever to need to worry about traffic citations and insurance discounts ever again. California Traffic School Register now to get started today!