Lawmakers in Connecticut are convinced that driving while distracted is a public safety issue which needs more emphasis. They are so committed to this belief that they are now strengthening the existing state law which bans all talking and texting on the phone while driving.

The new bill, if passed, would make driving while distracted a moving violation which will be reported to insurance companies. The hope is that insurance companies will begin raising premium rates on drivers who are convicted of driving while distracted and that these increased costs will do more to keep people from talking or texting on the phone behind the wheel than a simple traffic citation.

So far efforts to combat distracted driving have garnered mixed results around the nation. While everyone seems convinced that distracted driving is causing an increased number of traffic collisions and fatalities nationwide, nobody knows exactly how to monitor this activity or how to make it stop–or at least decrease.

My Improv Connecticut defensive driving school understands all too well the dangers of distracted driving. But it doesn’t have to be a cell phone which distracts you. It might be the radio or the kids in the backseat, or even the person in the seat right next to you. It only takes a moment for you to take your eyes off the road, and that split second is just enough to cause a collision with disastrous results for everyone.