No one wants to walk out of their car and find that they have been issued a traffic ticket. However, this is a scenario that plays out hundreds of times each day in New York City. Both local drivers and tourists are issued tickets because they parked in a no-parking zone, let a parking meter expire, or parked in an area they should have never parked. If you have received a parking ticket, you may have many questions. Your questions may range from whether you can dispute the ticket to how to pay the ticket. Here are a few frequently asked questions that you may have about NYC parking tickets and the answers.

Can You Dispute a Parking Ticket?

If you feel that you were issued a parking ticket when you should not have been, you always have the right to dispute a parking ticket. In New York, you have 30 days to either pay the ticket or file a dispute. If you fail to dispute the ticket within this timeframe, it is automatically assumed you are pleading no contest and you are guilty of the violation.

What Information Do You Need to Dispute a Parking Ticket?

To dispute a parking ticket, you need proof as to why you are not at fault. Taking pictures of where you are parked, showing proof that the meter is not working correctly, or proving that you were shopping in another part of town and therefore were not parked at the meter for longer than the allowed time period can all help you win your case. The exact information you will need varies based on the type of ticket you are issued, so be sure to document anything that you feel is relevant to your dispute, including signs that may be obscured because of trees, faded paint on curbs or signs that are contradictory.

Are You Responsible for a Parking Ticket in a Rental Car?
Many tourists receive parking tickets in NYC because they are not familiar with the area and do not understand where they can and cannot park. If you have obtained a parking ticket in a rental car, you may wonder if you are responsible for the ticket or if it is something the rental car company will take care of. You are responsible for the ticket. If you fail to dispute or pay the ticket, the rental car company may pay the ticket on your behalf and then bill it to your credit card on file or seek payment from you through a debt collector or civil court.

How Do You Pay an NYC Parking Ticket?

In New York City, the Department of Finance is responsible for accepting payments for parking tickets. You can either pay the ticket in person at a Department of Finance building or pay the ticket online at You will need the ticket number in front of you in order to pay for the ticket. If you do not have this information, the Department of Finance can look up the ticket number over the phone, but they will need the license plate number.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay a New York City Parking Ticket?

If you fail to pay the parking ticket, interest will continue accumulating each and every month. If you have multiple tickets that are outstanding, you may be asked to take a NY defensive driving course, your registration can be suspended, your vehicle may be booted or your car may be towed and impounded until the parking tickets and interest are paid in full.
Receiving a parking ticket is something no one looks forward to. But it can happen. Getting answers to the questions you have will help you to know what to do in case you receive a parking ticket in New York City.