When most Nevada residents get a ticket, they either pay it or fight it in court. But little do Nevadans know that there are other ways that you can remove points from your driving record – and one entertaining yet effective way is by taking a NV comedy defensive driving course.

Why Take NV Defensive Driving?

• To shave points off your license, like we noted above, to keep your driving record favorable and your insurance rates manageable.

• Voluntarily, usually to proactively save money on car insurance premiums.

• Court-ordered: Typically, if a plea bargain is reached between a defendant and the court in a driving-related offense, a defensive driving course may be ordered as part of it.

This post will take a closer look at the advantages of taking a comedy defensive driving course. Here’s a look:

Point Reduction

Most people enroll in a defensive driving course when they don’t want a citation to go on their driving record. The more points on one’s driver’s license, the higher their insurance rates will climb. After all, drivers deemed to be more at-risk are going to pay for it one way or another. Enrolling in – and completing – a defensive driving course can essentially prevent a citation from going on your record in many cases. If you have anywhere from three to 11 points against your driving record in the state of Nevada, then you’re eligible to take a defensive driving course. Upon successful completion, drivers will have three points removed from their license.

Depending on what you were cited for, the points you accrue vary. For instance, in Nevada, you can be dinged for eight points against your license for reckless driving. Tailgating and failing to yield are four-point penalties. Even driving with your brights on can hit you with a two-point penalty. If you rack up too many points, your license may be suspended or revoked.

Fun, Entertaining Driver’s Education

So, what’s the difference between a typical defensive driving course and a comedy defensive driving course? Fitting to its name, a comedy defensive driving course blends entertainment with education. The defensive driving course that tops the list was co-created by the Improv Comedy Club with the goal of creating a curriculum that’s far from dull and boring.

Many drivers enter a defensive driving program just to get through it, pass it and get the points reduced from their license. But that doesn’t mean that the course has to be boring. The Improv’s curriculum is fun, exciting and engaging – and studies show that when students are better engaged and more enthusiastic about learning, they’re more likely to retain the information that is taught.

Contact Improv Traffic Safety Course Today

An Online Comedy Traffic School by Improv is DMV-licensed, so you can rest assured that there will be no hang-ups getting the necessary points removed from your license come completion. And you don’t have to take time out of your busy day to travel to a brick and mortar location – their classes are hosted online and can be easily accessed from a tablet, computer or smartphone. Don’t just enroll in any defensive driving course, enroll in one that’s fun.

In the state of Nevada, you’re only permitted to voluntarily take a defensive driving program once a year. Why not enjoy the course that you enroll in to make it more worth your while? For more information go to: www.MyImprov.com