Receiving a traffic citation will eventually happen to most people in their lifetime. Whether you were speeding in a construction zone or texting while driving, chances are you will find yourself pulled off on the side of the road with a ticket. Some people might accept their fate to their own dismay, but, if you have the gusto to do so, you might want to challenge the traffic ticket.

Nothing comes easy in life, except for conducting the best defensive driving NY will ever see. That’s the case when it comes to your traffic ticket too. You’ll be facing an uphill battle, so you better go in armored and prepared.

But, what are the chances of winning traffic ticket cases in NY traffic court? The answer is simple. That’s why we’re walking you through your chances of winning in traffic court against the law.

Chances Are You’ll Lose

If you’re hoping to sweep that costly ticket expense under the rug by taking it to court, you might want to reconsider your financial plan. The chances are, you’ll lose your case. Especially if you go in unprepared and in a huff. There are other ways to compensate for the ticket price, such as being a defensive driver. However, there are other ways to increase your chances of winning the court’s favor.

Hire an Attorney

You could hire an attorney to represent you in court to dispel the traffic ticket charges. Of course, there’s no guarantee that this will work, and, if it doesn’t, you could be paying for court charges, attorney charges, and the original ticket cost. You’ll increase your chances of winning, but you’ll also increase your payments.

Hope the Officer Doesn’t Show Up

Another option you might have, albeit a little calculated, is to hope the officer doesn’t show up to the court case. The court will side in your favor if the officer does not show. Which means, if you somehow manage to show up to the trial by yourself, you will win. One way is to hope that the case will take place during the officer’s vacation time or require them to travel a long distance. This has a very small chance of happening, therefore your chances of winning are still, basically, zero.

Win the Lottery

One idea that will offset the expenses of the traffic ticket is by winning the lottery. In fact, you might have a higher chance of winning the lottery than winning your court case. If you strike it rich, not only will be able to pay the ticket, but you’ll have plenty of money left over to buy the entire courthouse. Not really – you don’t actually have a higher chance of winning the lottery. It’s just a metaphor to describe how you probably won’t win your court case.

Less Stress and Save Money by Paying the Ticket

Finally, you could always just pay the ticket. We know, that sounds too simple. However, challenging the court will only mean higher costs. The money will pile up, and you could find yourself at a greater loss.

In these situations, it’s always better to cut your losses. Unless you were able to prove that you weren’t violating the traffic laws, you could consider that money lost. There are other ways you could reduce your overall expenses. Some of which are enrolling in a traffic school to prevent your annual insurance rates from increasing. Another is just being a defensive, safe driver.