Move aside New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and every winter holiday including New Year’s Eve, because April 4th marks the return of the holiday king. We’re talking about Jeep 4×4 Day, also known as the most glorious day of the year. To appreciate today, we’re showing you how to celebrate Jeep 4×4 Day. Rejoice!

Take your Jeep Muddin’

There’s nothing like getting dirty with your Jeep. They’re built for tough off-roadin’ and plenty of muddin’, so take your 4×4 out for a quick Jeep bath in the dust. There ain’t muddin’ better to do than getting your Jeep dirty.

Buy your Jeep a Fancy Oil Change


We’re not talking about those quick 2-minute oil changes you get at a chain shop. You should get your Jeep a special, fancy oil change. If the mechanic isn’t wearing a tuxedo while changing your oil, it’s not fancy enough. They’ll also need to include a thorough vacuum, wash, wax and be accompanied by a string quartet.

Don your Finest Jeep Hat, Shirt, and Pants

Open the closet and brush off your most lavishing Jeep-themed garb. Defined with that comforting Helvetica Bold font, everyone you know will turn their heads in astonishment of your sophisticated clothing. Unbeknownst to them, you’re simply celebrating the most prestigious holiday of the year.

Rally the Neighborhood to Celebrate the Glory of Jeep 4×4

Hark! The morning demands the presence of your entire neighborhood to gather in the cul-de-sac for the yearly commemoration of Jeep 4×4 Day. There will only be joy, ritualistic communal fire, and Jeep 4x4s. Hire the local musicians to perform the greatest Jeep ballads, while children sing along in merriment around the campfire.

Plan the Perfect Jeep Road Trip

Some parties will find solace in an intimate experience with their 4×4. Traveling on long distance road trips, in your Jeep, is a simple way to see the beautiful countryside. In nature, you can express your faith and commitment to the Jeep brand while doing donuts in the nearest muddin’ hole.

Summon a Caravan of Jeeps

There’s no sin in evoking a caravan of Jeep 4x4s to celebrate the majesty of Jeep 4×4 Day. Every Caravan must end in a communal gathering upon the nearest town or city hall to demonstrate the love and compassion for Jeeps. Just as Moses parted the Red Sea, Jeeps will part the sea of cars during their expedition.

Purchase a Jeep 4×4

If you were thinking about purchasing a Jeep, today would be an excellent day to do so. Since you just passed your defensive driving course online, you owe it to yourself to purchase a new vehicle. Show your appreciation of Jeep 4×4 Day by visiting your local dealership and discovering their Jeep selection.

Commission a Painter to Create a Mural of your Jeep 4×4

While others are considering a Jeep investment, you should consider investing in a Jeep painter to create a mural of your 4×4. Nothing else will compare to your celebration of Jeep 4×4 Day than a mural that rivals anything seen in the Sistine Chapel. People will refer to it as the Sistine Jeepel.

Give your Jeep a Shout Out on Social Media

At the very least, snap a pic of your Jeep and give it a shout out on social media. Show your reliable friend your appreciation by wishing it a happy Jeep 4×4 Day. You even have an excuse to buy it a cake!