The search for the perfect vehicle is certainly draining. There are all sorts of factors to consider from cost to mileage, features, prior accidents and so on. Thankfully, there are plenty of helpful car research services available to make this process that much easier. Let’s look at three of the best resources that will help you find the right vehicle.


CarGurus was launched by some of the web’s leading executives. High-level execs from, TripAdvisor and Expedia make up the popular service’s management and board. CarGurus has quickly emerged as one of the most revered automotive shopping sites in the world. CarGurus analyzes millions of vehicle listings through a proprietary valuation model to gauge each vehicle’s Instant Market Value.

This value is obtained by weighing an array of variables that impact vehicle value ranging from vehicle trim, model and make to mileage, condition, options and so on. These variables are used in combination with comparables in the shopper’s local market to determine the Instant Market Value for every single vehicle in the service’s inventory.

Go ahead and search for a vehicle on CarGurus’ site and you will obtain a ranking of matching listings according to savings relative to the Instant Market Value. Vehicles priced with the most customer savings rank the highest in the search results. This is one of the quickest ways to find the best local automobile deals. Rest easy, as there isn’t any subjective bias influencing the search results. CarGurus provides a quick, transparent and fair way to connect auto-seekers with dealers. The website can even help vehicle sellers pinpoint the best price for their vehicle and connect with interested buyers.


Just about everyone who is interested in a used vehicle considers obtaining documentation of its history. If the vehicle has been involved in an accident, the prospective buyer deserves to know. This is precisely why Carfax exists. The popular service provides accurate vehicle history information. Carfax taps into 76,000 information sources to determine whether vehicles up for sale have been involved in an accident. Though Carfax admits its records do not always contain the full history of a vehicle, the company’s results are fairly accurate. Information is culled from motor vehicle departments, police departments, auctions and beyond.

All in all, Carfax has 12 billion vehicle records. More than three million records are added daily thanks to the efforts of Carfax’s data-gathering team. Each vehicle’s report is drawn from a national database in mere seconds. Auto buyers should not hesitate to obtain the Carfax vehicle history report but understand it is not completely foolproof. There is always the possibility the vehicle in question has endured damage in a prior accident that was never reported (to anyone) or simply not reported to one of Carfax’s specific information sources. is a popular automotive site based in Chicago. This is an online destination for auto shoppers to sort through new, used and certified used vehicles. The purpose of the site is to facilitate the vehicle search process by providing buyers with information and tools. Whether you are looking for expert auto reviews, detailed research tools or a vast selection, you will find it on

Buyers can search for local and national databases of vehicles for sale. The site lets buyers compare vehicles side-by-side, estimate monthly payments and learn from a quick-start auto-buying guide. also helps buyers pinpoint the best financing offers and rebates available in their area. Everyone in the market for a new or used vehicle should spend at least half an hour on Even if you don’t find the vehicle you are looking for, you are guaranteed to learn something during the time you spend on this informative website.