Senior drivers have more in common with student drivers than they might realize. They each face high insurance premiums based on assessments of their risk. But that doesn’t mean there are some great ways for seniors to receive discounts on their car insurance. Just like students getting a break on their rate for good grades or driver training, seniors have several options to lower their premiums through incentive programs and enhanced driver education.

There are so many options in fact, that it can be hard to keep track. Since no one wants to spend their free time becoming an expert about insurance premium discounts, we’ve put together this handy guide to getting a break on your monthly car insurance payments.

Usage Discounts for Seniors

Work from home? Already retired? If you’re a senior driver that doesn’t drive as often as they may have used to, you may be eligible for a usage related discount.

The concept is simple, if you only drive your vehicle a few times a week, the risk of getting into a collision or causing damage to your vehicle is substantially less than someone that drives more consistently. If this describes your situation you may be able to secure a usage related discount from your insurance company.

Affiliated Discounts

If you’re a senior that is actively involved with a variety of alumni groups, recreational clubs, or professional organizations you may be eligible for a discount on your insurance premium. It will vary significantly from carrier to carrier, but if you are a member of one of these programs it’s worth checking to see if your provider offers a discount based on any of your affiliations.

Bundle Discount

One thing about getting to an age where you’re considered a senior driver, you probably own more things you’d like to insure than you did when you were younger. As such, bundling things like your homeowners and auto insurance is an easy way to save a few dollars on your, now combined, bill each month.

Safe Driver Discounts

One of the simplest ways for senior drivers to earn a discount on their car insurance is through continued safe driving. Though programs and discounts will vary by each individual company, generally the longer you maintain a clean driving record, the more you could be eligible to save on your car insurance.

So if your a senior driver looking to save some money, continue to the safe driving that you’ve practiced for a lifetime. Better yet, consider brushing up on your safe driving skills. You could potentially save even more on your insurance for it.

Insurance Discount Course

As drivers over the age of 50 experienced increased car insurance rates, several states have mandated that they be allowed to take driver improvement courses for guaranteed discounts. Even if you do not live in one of these states, you may still be eligible for a discount for taking a driver improvement course.

Many insurance providers offer their own courses, and there are several online, 3rd party options that you can take from the comfort of your home. Completing one of these courses might help you save as much as 15% on your car insurance, so it’s worth looking into.

Check with your provider to see if you’re eligible for a course. Then, if approved insurance discount courses are offered in your state. There’s no better time to start saving money than today. You’ll be glad you did it.