Loving your car is one thing but being buried alive as it sinks in quicksand is another. When you’re traveling on tough terrain, you can run the risk of getting your car stuck in anything. When your car gets trapped in snow, mud, or a bayou it can cause serious damage to your vehicle and your self-esteem.

We’ve compiled a guide to aide you whenever you’re stuck in a sticky – or snowy – situation. Following the guide below, will help you escape any entrapment – except for quicksand. You’ll need a whip and a low hanging branch to get yourself out of quicksand.

Remain Calm

A trapped car can launch you into panic mode. Even more of a panic than trying to pass your online traffic school course. Keeping calm helps you make smart, rational decisions without the frenzy of being in panic mode. You want to stay cool, like the snow you might be trapped in.

Keep the Tires Straight

When you’re stuck in mud or snow, you can make your escape easier by keeping your tires straight. Twisting your wheels back and forth will cause your car to sink deeper, which will make it a challenge to become unstuck. The more you move, the worst it gets. Yes, we’re getting all our advice from watching movies about quicksand.

Clear the Exhaust Pipe of Debris

By clearing the exhaust pipe of debris, you can prevent engine fumes from filling up your car. We don’t need to tell you the repercussion of a car full of exhaust. But, it’s your death. The repercussion is your death, because there is too much carbon monoxide.

Light Your Car on Fire

If your car is trapped, one quick way to get it unstuck is lighting it on fire. The billowing smoke from your car’s raging fire should alert nearby emergency personnel, which will lead them to aid you. When they see the scorched remains of your car, they will assist with calling a tow-truck. It’s the perfect plan.

Life Hack: Use Your Floor Mats as Leverage

One quick and simple life hack tool, to help you escape the perils of being trapped in mud or snow, are the floor mats in your car. When your wheels are spinning, but you’re not going anywhere, you need more friction. Placing a floor mat under your wheels can supply enough friction to leave your trap.

Accelerate Slowly

Accelerating slowly helps you gain some much-needed traction. Your first reaction to becoming trapped is to peel your way out. However, that’s one of the worst things you can do in this situation. Calmly place your foot on the gas and let your car build up traction to escape. Bonus points if you get your friend to push the car while you do it.

Get a Chain and Big Truck

If you got a friend with a big truck, a chain, and, potentially, a red neck, then give them a call. Getting help from someone else is extremely beneficial, such as a tow truck, an emergency personnel, or your friend who just installed semi-truck wheels on their pickup. We’re not yanking your chain, but your buddy might, because they want to help you get unstuck.

Be Prepared for the Worst

Always be prepared for the worst situation possible. Keep snacks, bottled water, first aid kits, and blankets in your car in case you are ever trapped and can’t get out. Whether you’re caught in an avalanche, stuck in a bayou, or slowly sinking in a quicksand, having a preparation kit can help make the situation better. You don’t want to be stranded in a quicksand without a granola bar!